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FairRecycling is a forward-thinking initiative aimed at revolutionizing waste management in displacement settings. It focuses on creating sustainable, green jobs, and advancing environmental health through efficient waste recycling and upcycling.

Vision and Impact

FairRecycling envisions a cleaner, greener, and more resilient future through the creation of green jobs for displaced people and their host communities. It focuses on sustainable waste management in displacement settings, aiming to significantly impact environmental health and provide equitable employment opportunities.

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How FairRecycling Works

This partnership promotes technology transfer and development for efficient waste collection, processing, and upcycling, empowering local communities. It combines efforts from various stakeholders to foster economic development, protect the environment, and advance action towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Get Involved 

FairRecycling collaborates with governments, businesses, NGOs, and community groups to make sustainable waste management and green employment a reality for displaced communities. Join us in this transformative journey to create an inclusive and formalized plastic recycling ecosystem, integrating marginalized waste pickers into the formal economy

Contact info: 

Jakob Øster, Executive Director, Last Mile Climate:   

James Haselip, Senior Advisor on Climate and Energy, UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre:

FairRecycling Global Partners

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