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Climate Action Partnerships


Last Mile Climate is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping grassroot, humanitarian and government organizations tackle climate-related challenges faced by people living at the last mile. We recognize that climate change disproportionately affects vulnerable communities, and that existing solutions are often inaccessible due to policy, cultural, and financial barriers.


Our mission is to be a facilitating and partnership-enabling NGO that bridges the gaps between the private sector and the humanitarian sector. We always start with the problem and by partnering with organizations to enable access to affordable solutions designed with the end-user in mind. With our three-step approach of problem analysis, solutions testing, and financing for scale, we're able to effectively support partners to identify the most fit-for-purpose and cost-effective solution as well as the best delivery mechanism to a given problem in a specific context.


At Last Mile Climate, we're building multi-stakeholder partnerships and facilitating financing to scale otherwise unobtainable solutions for people living at the last mile. We're committed to creating a new paradigm that moves away from serving "beneficiaries" with needs, towards addressing climate-related challenges that threaten health, safety, and livelihoods in ways that create shared value for all. We call this approach Climate Action Partnerships.


We're proud to work with world-class partners, leveraging decades of cross-sector experience in our diverse team, to launch our first Climate Action Partnerships within energy, water, agriculture, shelter, and health. If you're interested in learning more about how we're using innovative market-based solutions to tackle climate-related challenges at the last mile, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Our Climate Action Partnerships

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