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The Solar Electric Cooking Partnership for Humanitarian Contexts


SOLCO is a Climate Action Partnership led by Last Mile Climate as part of the Global eCooking Coalition (GeCCo) initiative, and implemented in collaboration with relevant global, national and local partners.

SOLCO is focused on enabling affordable access to solar electric cooking for displaced families and their host communities.

Vision and Impact

SOLCO is an eco-system of partners that will revolutionize cooking in refugee-hosting countries across Africa. Our initial goal is to transition more than 250,000 households to solar-electric cooking by 2027, leveraging a minimum of $100 million in financing. This initiative will not only transform cooking but also champion environmental sustainability and economic development through creation of green jobs in the solar-electric value chain.

How SOLCO Works

SOLCO is a platform for public-private partnerships to enable solar-electric cooking at scale across a number of refugee-hosting countries through localized market-based implementation that crowds in private sector solutions and climate financing with a target of min. 100 million USD.

Get Involved 

We welcome collaboration with governments, businesses, NGOs, and community groups. Join us to help make solar e-cooking a reality for displaced communities. 

Contact info: 

Jakob Øster, Executive Director, Last Mile Climate:   

James Haselip, Senior Advisor on Climate and Energy, UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre:

Mark Gibson, Operational Lead, Global Platform for Action (GPA) on Sustainable Energy in Displacement Settings, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR),  

SOLCO Global Partners

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