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EcoAdapt is focused on large-scale climate adaptation through nature-based solutions, specifically in refugee-hosting areas. It emphasizes ecosystem-based adaptation, combining indigenous knowledge with scientific advancements for reforestation and regeneration.​

How EcoAdapt Works

EcoAdapt is a platform for collaboration among governments, NGOs, communities, and private sector, focusing on scalable, nature-based solutions for climate adaptation, reforestation, and ecosystem health.


Get Involved 

The project operates as a collaborative platform, involving governments, NGOs, communities, and the private sector, to implement scalable nature-based solutions for climate resilience and ecosystem health. EcoAdapt invites diverse stakeholders to contribute to this initiative, aiming for transformative impacts in building climate resilience and sustainable development in vulnerable communities.

Contact info: 

Jakob Øster, Executive Director, Last Mile Climate:   

James Haselip, Senior Advisor on Climate and Energy, UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre:


EcoAdapt Global Partners

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